That’s the headline of an op-ed I have at the Washington Times (it should be in print on Monday).

Unfortunately, at least for now, or at least in the eyes of Congress, it’s not true.

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20 Responses to Space Is Not A Jobs Program

  1. Hill Staffer says:

    Your distain for middle class (blue collar) jobs could not be more any more blatant. As is often the case with conservatives you could care less about the people who hold these jobs. You would rather that these people be put out on the street such that you and your corporate pals could then spend the same money hiring other people – at your companies – and pocket large salary bonuses – and charge again and again for the same work such that programs grossly overrun.

  2. Rand Simberg says:

    And your disdain for spelling and logic is even more blatant. If you really are a staffer on the Hill, I weep for the nation.

  3. Rand Simberg says:

    Also, for what it’s worth, I’m not a conservative — I’m just a taxpayer and space enthusiast who wants to get my money’s worth. But since you got everything else wrong, why should I be surprised?

  4. Hill Staffer says:

    Spelling? There are no typos in what I posted Mr. Simberg. I do not know who pays you to run this group, but anyone with skin as thin as yours is not going to have much of an effect – on anything. Beam me up.

  5. Rand Simberg says:

    I didn’t say there were any typos. You obviously don’t know how to spell. There is no such word as “distain.”

    I can see why you’d want your Internet comments to be anonymous. Fortunately for the nation, I suspect that you’re not really a Hill staffer.

  6. Hill Staffer says:

    Fortunately for the nation I don’t think you will be having much of an effect in this gig if typos and responding to troll comments are what you focus your energy on. I hope you enjoy the lack of (serious) attention. Oh, and that other blog of yours (thanks for the link), is precious goofiness. Hate much?

  7. Rand Simberg says:

    responding to troll comments are what you focus your energy on

    If you fantasize that I’m “focusing” on a anonymous cowardly mindless troll like you, you vastly underestimate my ability to multi-task. And fortunately, there are many people on the Hill who (unlike you, in the unlikely event that you’re not lying) are willing to have rational open discussions and are amenable to reason.

  8. Ed Minchau says:

    Mr. Hill Staffer: Where in the Space Act is “directly providing jobs” (of any color collar) deemed a function of NASA?

  9. Hill Staffer says:

    You can do 2 things at once — including name calling. You’re one awesome multitasking dude! Oh yea, you mentioned “rational open discussions and are amenable to reason”. Just one look at that blog of yours demonstrates your inability to do so. I’m certain you will conduct yourself in a similar manner over here on this blog. Like I said before, hate much? The tea baggers, birthers, and their loony ilk will love you. Other than that I see only intolerance and troll baiting to come on this site …

  10. Rand Simberg says:

    I see only intolerance and troll baiting to come on this site …

    I’m glad you at least recognize yourself for what you are.

  11. Hill Staffer says:

    And yet you fall for Troll bait every single time it is dangled in front of you – for all your supporters to see.

  12. Dale Amon says:

    Someone who thinks the government is nothing but the overseer for a pig farm… yep, all those sucklings need to be fed, and who cares if we wreck the economy?

    Personally, I would like term limits for the Congress and Senate; put all government employees and office holders on the same benefits as say, Wall Mart employees, cut their pay until they know they really are ‘servants’ and not vice-versa… oh and fire at least half of them. Next raise retirement age to 74 (and since we’ll be living even longer by then, we’ll raise it again when we get there)… and with the economy booming after we have castrated the State, we’ll be able to afford (privately) any space activities individuals want.

    So there, you mean old troll. Take that! Away with thee!

  13. Rand Simberg says:

    Do you take pride in being a cowardly anonymous troll?

  14. ken anthony says:

    Ironic that the troll would choose the word disdain while showing contempt and not giving your article any consideration of worth.

    Hill Stuffer (sp?)

    To what blatant disdain are you referring? “ensuring that janitorial and landscaping services at various NASA centers would survive” is a declarative statement. In other words, a blatant example of stating a simple fact.

    The contempt, if any, is not toward the workers but toward the taxpayers who give NASA money to do a specific thing. That specific thing is not preserving jobs, hence the title of the article.

    Comprehension should precede spewing.

    Economics is about the allocation of limited resources that have alternate uses (see Thomas Sowell.) Poor allocation reduces jobs, which seems to be what you advocate.

  15. Hill Staffer says:

    Funny how all you adults engage in name calling when you can’t argue with logic or facts. Can’t resist the troll bait, can you?

  16. ken anthony says:

    Did your mother not tie a steak around your neck so the dogs in the neighborhood would play with ya?

    “can’t argue with logic or facts” Now that’s funny.

  17. Hill Staffer says:

    Fascinating how 95% of the discussion on this website has nothing to do with whatever it is this website is supposed to be about. Troll bait.

  18. Rand Simberg says:

    You know, since you clearly have zero interest in having an intelligent or worthwhile discussion, I think we’ll let that be your last comment.

  19. Peterh says:

    ‘Hill Staffer’, how typically theft wing of you to equate middle class jobs with government spending and ignore the private sector middle class paying taxes.

  20. Dave H says:

    Appreciate having people out there fighting for a worthwhile NASA future. Eliminating wasteful “bridge to nowhere” projects like Heavy Lift and the Multipurpose Crew Vehicle, which will sap NASA of exploration and scientific funds are disastrous. Please make this a priority and keep fighting. Commercial and an unfettered ULA EELV program can dramatically reduce NASA launch costs and give the agency a 3-7 year head start on next generation manned capabilities. Falcon, which has cost the government 3% of the failed Aries, should be prioritized. Ralph Hall’s number one priorities (really he had two things listed as number one priorities), are Heavy Lift and MPV. Ralph Hall’s top priority, and all Congressional oversight Rep’s and staffers, should be to enable manned spaceflight to the ISS asap. That this priority is consistent with reduced cost and increased system efficacy is a huge bonus. And that huge bonus, it should be priority number two. Priority number two should be a clear and sustainable exploration program, with achievable goals by 2020, before another administration can change the whole program again. We can be on the Moon, in a Lagrange point or even on Phoebes by 2020. We just need to agree on one goal, and as they say down in Texas, get ‘er done!
    Ralph Hall and Hill Staffer would have NASA orbit Washington DC for eternity, when NASA should be heading to infinity and beyond by now.
    Best wishes and thank you.

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